About RIF

Run It Fast® was created three years ago by ultrarunner Joshua Holmes (@bayou).  Since then the site has grown to have an international and active following. You can check out the site HERE.

In February 2012, Run It Fast® - The Club was created and quickly grew to members in 37 states and 7 countries:

  • Members have combined for over 200 marathon/ultra wins
  • Open to runners of every level from the beginner to the pro
  • Several running coaches are members
  • Youngest member is 11 years old.
  • Oldest member is 74 years old.
  • Extreme Racer Contest for members where each member is awarded 1 point for every race mile throughout the year.
  • Amazing group of enablers that have inspired each other to become better humans, run faster, further, and enjoy every step along the way.

For more information or to join Run It Fast - The Club then click HERE for more info.


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